Monday, September 20, 2010

Time Flies

Lately, i've been thinking about my Grandma and just how much i really miss her. Just the other day i was telling my Mom how I am sad that my younger cousins didn't get to know her like i did. I spend every weekend at my Grandparents house, me and my cousin Thomas would go to church with them every Sunday. Grandma was the teacher for the little kids 2-5 year olds and you could always tell how much she loved it! On Saturday night she would put her hair up in the soft foamy pink rollers and get everything ready for the morning. She was always awake first and she would tell us to go wake up Grandpa. We would sneak in the room get on the bed and wake him up with Kisses on the cheek. Help us get ready and make us breakfast while Grandpa got ready. She always wore a flowered dress and stockings. I remember she would keep them in the remote holder that layed over the arm of her chair and she would sit down in her chair take them out and she put them on so expertly. She would scrunch them up to the toe, stick her foot in and bring them up perfectly. That is something i will never forget about her.

During the summers while I was on vacation from school i would ride my bike to their house which was a block away and spend the days there. Grandma and I would do lots of things together...We played Chinese Checkers she would sit in her chair and i would get the wooden chopping block from the kitchen and put it between us and we would play for hours. I also loved doing jigsaw puzzles with her. It didn't matter if we had done the same one over and over I just loved being with her. We would sit at the dining room table all day doing a puzzle, talking or not and just loving being in the company of one another. Grandpa would walk past a few times pick up a piece find where it went and then go sit down which i always found so amusing.

These are the kind of things i so wish that my little cousins could have known. Instead they saw the Grandma who was sick, who didn't know peoples names, who would wander around the house not sure of anything. Seeing her like that broke my heart so much. When she started to really get sick she would carry around a bright orange comb with her. To me it was like it was a secrety for her, like a little kid has a secrety blanket. She would walk around mumbling not even really making sense in what she was saying but like she needed to say something but couldn't. During the time between her getting sick i didn't get to see her much. My Dad was taking all of this very badly and would stay away.... Which in turn kept me away from her. I hate that i had to miss so much of being with her, but, understand that it was so hard for my Dad. He would say "That isn't my Mom" or "Thats not the Mom i knew"

This November it will be 3 years since she has passed away. November 24, 2007 a night i will never forget a night the world lost one of the most wonderful people in the world.

You are always in my Heart and always in my Thoughts. I love you.
xoxo Lindsay


Anonymous said...

Aww what a sweet and moving story about your grandma. You made me cry at the end. At least you have those special memories of her to cherish forever. Remember the good and fun times. That is what she'd want you to remember. I know your little cousins didn't get to know her like you did but they have you to tell them about grandma. I never had that kind of relationship with either of my grandmothers. I have no real special memories. So you have received a great gift of getting to know her so well. That will remain in your heart forever. xoxo

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