Sunday, May 31, 2009

Much Better Day

Today was a much better day.

-Slept in til about 11 i was so drained!
-Ate Chips for Breakfast (lol)
-Went with Sarah to the festival this afternoon...its the last day and she wanted to play a few games...I won her a stuffed penguin and i won a goldfish but ended up giving it to a little kid on the way out :)
-Came home and me and mom went shopping for a few things for me for my trip...i got a shirt and a skirt wOOt
-Dad made dinner..Grilled a Roast and Corn on the Cob, also had baked beans and Parmesan Noodles...YUM

Now i am stuffed and laying in bed

I hope everyone else had a good day too :)


Kate said...

So glad to hear it. Good days are very important.

Kate said...

btw, love the new background!

RE-ANA said...

I'm so happy for you keep it up :)