Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Chiropractors, Webcams and Love... OH MY!

Not much has happened today...I couldn't sleep last night because my jaw kept feeling like it was going to lock up. UGH! It didn't hurt but felt really tight and so that kept me up a long time. Finally got to sleep around 5 am! This morning my sister came in to wake me up around 11 and i told her to go away haha. I slept about an hour more and then finally woke up. I didn't have my pill last night so today i have a tiny headache. Hopefully mom will get my refill soon! I went with Sarah to the Chiropractor...she has the start of Carpel Tunnel syndrome and he is working out the muscles in her forearm. Plus she gets her necked cracked and all that fun stuff. I told her doc about how my knees are bad and how tight the muscles are in my legs to the point i can't straighten them. He told me that he would defenitely check them out if i made an appointment. So woohoo!

I got a Christmas package today from an online friend. She got me a webcam which i was surprised to see! Its a lot of fun and the picture above is one of the filters it has. Im gonna have a lot of fun with this thing hehe!

It amazes me everyday the people i have met online and how they are such great caring people and i feel so lucky and so blessed to have each and everyone one of them in my life. Every single one of you have helped me in one way or another and I hope you all know how much you mean to me. Love you all!



Kaz said...

I love you too Linday ;)

You seriously mean a lot to me, thank you for being your awesome, loving self.


Anonymous said...


You are very special!! You don't know how you affect others with you just being you!! You have touched my heart in many ways, and for that I thank you!!

Love Always,
Carrie aka "carrieplus4"

Kate said...

We love you too, LFG!