Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Boring Day

Today was a pretty boring day...I woke up at 10am to my phone buzzing beside me and was pretty annoyed! My Mom was calling me because she forgot to grab a needle for her shot that she now has to take for her blood sugar. The only way for me to get her the needle was to walk! Do you know how cold it is out there?! Do you?! Our high for today was 36 degrees can you say EWW?! Lucky no snow yet but i do believe its coming...and very soon!
So i bundled up, put on Jeans, Tshirt, a Hoodie, my New cute hat and my Boots just cause they are cute and i wanted to wear them haha! plus put on my coat! Picture me as the little brother in 'A Christmas Story'. Not really but i was ready to head out.
Its only about a 5-10 minute walk from my house and when i got to the store and up to the counter where my Mom was her boss looked at me and said "Did you just walk here?" lol DUH!!
So, i stayed down and talked with Mom for awhile and i had some breakfast (mmmm blueberry muffin!) and thawed out before i was going to have to make the walk back home...Uphill might i add! But lucky me!! One of my Mom's co-workers took me home!
Now, i've been home, finished filling out my Christmas cards (only needs stamps), put in a load of laundry. Pretty good day if you ask me!

I hope you all had a wonderful day too! Hopefully tomorrow is a little more productive...might start cleaning out my room AHHHHHHH!

Love and Tackle Hugs,


Kaz said...

psst hey...

update :P

And...where did you get your theme?


Anonymous said...
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Lindsay said...

Hi Kazzy! Ummm I really don't remember where i got my theme haha its been awhile. I miss you and i'll try to update soon! xoxo

Shazz said...

Hi Lidz !!! I didn't know you had a blog too ????? I was so happy to see it just now but guess what...I picked a heading similar to yours ??? LOL !!! See we are related !!!

Looking forward to keeping up with your daily life !!!!

Mum Shazz xxxx