Sunday, December 14, 2008

I skipped a day yesterday but it was a looooooooooooong day so here is what happened...

Well, the funeral for Calvin was yesterday and it was a nice service but such a sad sad day. Me and Sarah got there around 1 for the showing and she had a little break down before even going into the room. She composed herself and we headed in. We walked slowly up to the front where his casket was and while waiting for the line to move we were looking at pictures that his family had put up of different points in his life and well that got me started crying. Its just not fair that he's gone at the age of 22! He barely got to live his life! When it was finally got to be our turn to see him...i was hesitant because the last time i saw someone in a casket was my Grandma and that didn't end well for me...but i was fine and he looked good. You would never see Calvin without a two liter of Dr. Pepper with him and so in his casket with him was a two liter of Dr. Pepper and also the sports section of the news paper. He was all set! We met up with some of our friends and hugged, cried and laughed through out the entire thing and I just wish it wasn't something like this that brought us closer together. We then went to the cemetery for the burial which was even worse because that was our final goodbye to a good friend. R.I.P. Calvin

Today was a much better day! Mom woke me up around 11 this morning and Me, her and my sister went out to buy me some new clothes for Christmas. Andrea got hers last weekend so i was excited to go get mine. I ended up getting two bags full of stuff from Old Navy...i love that store! Then tonight me and my family put up our christmas decorations in the house. I will post some pictures for everyone to see :)

Thats it for tonight. I will update again surprised im doing as good keeping up with this! Go Me! hehehe!


Kate said...

Sounds like a very difficult day, but you handled it beautifully. Good for you.

Lindsay said...

Thanks Kase