Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Lisa Williams Night

We got to Mansfield early because we were meeting Deb and her friends there to get dinner before. Well, we beat Deb by i'd say a half hour so we decided instead of driving to find someplace to eat we would just go eat in the restaurant of the Holiday Inn that was connected to the theater. We had just been joking around saying im sure Lisa is staying here and knows that that crazy girl from her site was already there hours earlier haha! Anyway we got out and started to go into the back of the Holiday Inn when no other then the Lovely Lisa herself came walking out! She was heading over to the theater for sound check!! She didn't have her Make up or Hair Done and still looked just as beautiful as ever! She had had a big smile when she saw us staring at her LMAO! My sister said hi first and that we would see her that night at the show...and if you all could have seen my mom's eyes when she walked up to us they were so BIG! I think they were about to pop out of her head! lolol! I told her that I was Lindsay from her site and she kinda dropped her bag and stepped back and said "Ohhh wow hi!!" It felt so amazing she knew who i was! It was just like two friends catching up after not seeing each other for awhile. I felt totally comfortable with her. So, she gave us all hugs and said to make sure and come get a hug after the show.
After a little while later Deb and her friend got there and I met them outside. It was so amazing to finally meet her in person and was definitely one of the highlights my night!
We finally got dinner and while sitting at our table we kept seeing people walking in...like groups of people. I whispered to Deb..."They are all probably from the site and we don't even know it" hahaha! And some of them were! We met Celia who was so nice and also met Freespirit from Chat :) You both were so nice! Im glad we got to meet!
The show started at 7 and when she walked out she got a standing ovation even before doing anything! hahaha Lisa Rocks!!
She read for about 10 people spending time on every reading making sure everyone understood everything being said and it was amazing!
When the show ended we tried our best to hurry and get up to the lobby to get in line and it was already SO PACKED!!!!!! lol we ended up down these steps in what my sister called "The Dungeon" lolol!
But, once she came out the line started to move quick. It was SOOOOOOOOOOOO hot in there though! OMG we were dying of heat!
Finally, It was my turn to meet Lisa again and she was so gorgeous sitting there with her pink shirt that many of you have seen in other pictures and she is just so stunning!! So, i walked up got my SECOND HUG of the night! She knew exactly who i was again and I gave her the Digital Illustration i did. She said she loved it and was going to frame it :) She then signed my book which says: "Lindsay, Thanks for my picture you are seriously talented! Big Hugs Love Lisa xx <3" and also signed a picture for me.
It was an amazing experience and I can say that if i had the money and a way to Cincinnati I would be there tonight hell if i could i would see her anywhere i could!! haha!

And that was The End of my Lisa Journey!
I will have pictures soon i just have to find the USB cable for the camera and i will post them.

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