Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Pre Portfolio Hell (haha) Sounds so much worse than it actually is

Its been awhile since i have wrote anything so here it goes.

Yesterday I was supposed to turn in a pre-portfolio which is where the school can see how I am doing this far. So, I got all my stuff together and I was ready to turn it in which we have to do electronically in a certain teachers drop box. Well, when I got to her box, the folder with my name on it was not there. In fact there were no folders at all. All this was due by 5 pm that night and it was about 3ish so i sent her an email letting her know that there were no folders and I didn't know if maybe she wanted to me to just make one and put it in there or if I was just weird and was going into the wrong section. I haven't gotten any response back from her yet and its really annoying. My teacher last night told me that he would let her know that I had everything done in time if need be. I guess i shouldn't worry that much about it but still wouldn't that drive you crazy too not to get a response back?

I was going to add in a picture of the logos i have been working on for my corporate identity class but photobucket is down and I can't save it. Next update will have pictures.

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