Monday, January 14, 2008

Art Direction

I am in class right now and I have come to the conclusion I do not want to be an Art Director. Im crossing it off my list. It doesn't call to me it doesn't say "hey lindsay be an art director you will be rockass at it" Nope nothing like that.

Here is our first assignment for the class I thought i would share:

The 2008 One Show College Competition

Our Client is Doritos

We are "Taking a snack icon to the next level.
They want us to celebrate doritos larger-than-life status by making Doritos advertising that is iconic as Doritos. Treating the brand and product like an icon. Use the three unique product attributes- intense favor, loud crunch, and triangle shape.

We can make:
Prints (3 ads only)
Innovative Marketing
or Interactive (meaning its own search engine etc etc.)

Awards and Honors:
One Show Pencils will be awarded to the winning copywriters, art directors and designers. a $3000 Gold, $2000 Silver and $1000 Bronze prize will be awarded to each winning team. All winners and finalists will be published in the One Show Annual.

All awards will be presented at the One Show Education Festival in May in New York City and will become part of the Traveling One Show Exhibition.

Lets see what happens!


Kate said...

wow, this is amazing!!!

Lindsay said...

Its brainstorming now we are doing a tv spot. Im coming up with slogans and maybe a jingle who knows!