Thursday, September 27, 2007

A trip to Brandywine Falls

Yesterday me and Sarah went to Brandywine Falls. It was a beautiful day! I took this picture while in the car.

When we got there these are the steps we had to walk down and up again to get to the falls and back the car. I hate stairs!

While walking down the stairs and all around on the wood people have carved their names and stuff into it. I hate that!

After we got down the stairs we stopped and looked at all the rocks. They were so beautiful i just kept taking pictures.

Finally we got down to the falls!

We stayed and looked for about 5 minutes and then left. It was really hot. We broke a weather record for heat that day and we were sweating our asses off!

After we left the park, we headed out again and I had know idea where Sarah was taking me! We unded up in a place people call "Hell Town" Its really creepy at night but it actually turned out to be really really pretty durning the day.

Overall it was a fun day and im glad we got to go. Im sad i have to go back to school soon! Im going to miss my Sarah Marie :(

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Kate said...

Wow, you have some REAL talent with the camera!